Welcome our international friends!!

The Finnish Auto Simracing (F.A.S.T.) is a gaming community founded in 2015. 

We are an official, registered Finnish association. Our activities currently focus on national and international Gran Turismo 7 racing events and series driven with PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. 

All our events are based on fair play and mutual respect between the competitors – meaning that everyone has to be able to trust the actions by a fellow driver. Our goal is to enable drivers’ development all the way to the world top and that’s why we offer events on all experience and skill levels.

On national level, F.A.S.T. has co-operated with the Finnish Sim Racing Association ry (FiSRA) for several years. FiSRA is an associaton that brings together simulator racers across many different games and platforms. Also, since the spring of 2021, F.A.S.T. has been a member of the Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL). SEUL is an umbrella organization for Finnish electronic gaming with game genres ranging all the way from CS:GO and FIFA to simulator racing and accessible special eSports.

On international level, we’ve co-operated with several racing communities for many years already. These communities include, e.g., Mature Racing Club (MRC)Next Gen Racing (NGR), Pure-GT, Adrenaline Racing Community (ARC) and KNAF Digital 

Since 2017, we’ve competed against Sweden in a nation-vs.-nation competition series, Team Finland vs. Team Sweden, with drivers from the Swedish main league, Swedish Racing League (SRL).

Also, since 2021, F.A.S.T. has been organizing an unofficial Nordic Masters championship series together with Sweden (Swedish Racing League, SRL), Norway (Norwegian Gran Turismo League, NGTL), Denmark (Danish Racing League, DRL). 

Currently, F.A.S.T. is also the official national operator of Gran Turismo in Finland.

In 2022, F.A.S.T. organized the first ever Gran Turismo Finnish Championship competition. The final round was driven on January 7th 2023 in the Tubecon Games event in the front of 5000 persons, and the first ever title of the Finnish Champion of Gran Turismo was won by Johannes Karhapää – a true sportsmanlike driver of only 17 years of age!

On March 5th 2023, F.A.S.T. step up to a whole new international level of simracing as we competed in a Finland vs. Europe race! The Europe team includes world top drivers such as World Championship finalists and Olympic winners.

Please subscribe our YouTube channel now and experience the commentated live streams! Although the streams are currently mainly in Finnish only, you’ll be able to follow the races and feel the vibes of exciting racing.

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